How to Test a Toddler's IQ


Knowing how to test your toddler's Intelligence Quotient (IQ) can make the difference between getting your child into an advanced and competitive preschool and not knowing your child's true potential. The toddler IQ test is made up of advanced logic games that most 5-year-olds can barely master. The testing is meant to be fun for the toddler; toddlers really do not understand that they are taking an important test. If you find your toddler doing extraordinary things, testing intelligence can help your find out if you are raising a baby Einstein.

Things You'll Need

  • Psychologist
  • Visit your local psychologist and ask that person to administer a Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC) test. Get an accurate IQ score by taking your child to a professional test administrator who is unfamiliar to the toddler. The unfamiliar administrator will not provide bias towards your child.

  • Set a date for the test, and allow your child to relax the day before. The test consists of 16 sub-tests that, in succession, could become overwhelming and stressful for your child. The tests include picture concepts, vocabulary, block design, letter and number sequence, picture completion and symbol search.

  • Check back with the psychologist for the official IQ scores. Divide the child's actual age by the child's brain's age, and then multiply this number by 100 to calculate the IQ score. For example, if your 3-year-old child has the mental capacity of a 5-year-old, then your child's IQ is 166: "3 divided by 5 times 100." 100 is the IQ average for a toddler.


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