How to Tell If My Dog Has Been Bred


A dog who has been bred shows signs around 30 days into her pregnancy. As her pregnancy progresses she will show changes in her size, weight and appetite to feed the growing puppies.

Pregnancy Signs at Home

30 Days

For the first month after your dog is bred, she usually will not show any outward signs to confirm that she is pregnant. Some dogs have slight morning sickness caused by hormone changes for a few days around the third or fourth week of pregnancy. Your canine companion may have a vulvae discharge at this time. Your dog's teats become more noticeable and are pinker and more erect than normal because of an increase in blood supply around the nipple's bases.

35 Days

Around the 35th day of pregnancy, your dog will start to increase her weight to feed her fetal puppies. She may increase her weight over the course of her pregnancy by as much as 50 percent.

40 Days

Approximately 40 days after breeding, a pregnant dog's abdomen starts to enlarge to accommodate the puppies inside her womb. If she is a first time mother or she is carrying only a few puppies, the enlarging abdomen may not be apparent. Your pregnant dog's mammary glands are noticeably enlarged and may express a serous, or thin and watery fluid from her teats. She may have a decreased appetite and display slight depression. If she seems terribly depressed or does not start eating again, contact your veterinarian.

Last Two Weeks

During the last two weeks of a dog's pregnancy, you often can see the puppies wiggling around in her stomach as they grow and become active.

Delivery Date Approaching

When your dog's delivery date is near, she will scratch at the floor or in her bed, acting restless.

Veterinary Procedures

Three Weeks

Your veterinarian can tell if your dog is pregnant by the third week by using an ultrasound. Your vet also may do a blood test to see if your dog has more of the hormone relaxin than normal. That also will indicate that she is pregnant.

Day 28 Through 35

Between the 28th and 35th day of pregnancy, your veterinarian can feel your dog's abdomen to confirm she is pregnant.

Day 45

Some veterinarian's may schedule a pregnant dog for a follow-up visit at day 45 of her pregnancy to do an X-ray and determine the amount of puppies she has in her womb.

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