How to Treat Your Kitten's Cold


Just like humans, kittens and other animals will catch a mild cold virus from time to time. When your kitten catches the herpesvirus or calcivirus -- the cat versions of the common cold -- it is usually unnecessary to take it to the vet or purchase expensive medications. You can make your pet more comfortable during its illness with some extra care and a few home remedies.

Things You'll Need

  • Tissues
  • Humidifier
  • Lysine
  • Isolate the sick kitten from the healthy animals to prevent it from spreading the virus.

  • Keep the kitten indoors for the duration of its illness. Chilly outside temperatures can aggravate its cold.

  • Wipe the kitten's runny nose with tissues or sanitary wipes that are made for cats.

  • Run a humidifier near your kitten to moisten and soothe its dry nasal passage and throat.

  • Heat soft food over the stove or in a microwave before serving it to your kitten. Like humans, kittens lose their appetites when they have colds. Warm food tastes and smells more savory, which encourages your kitten to eat more.

  • Add a lysine supplement to your kitten's food, according to your vet's guidelines and the directions on the vitamin package. Lysine is an amino acid essential to cat health.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your kitten has a fever, inflamed eyes, oral ulcers or excessive tearing or sneezing, contact your veterinarian. These symptoms may indicate an upper respiratory disease, which can lead to more serious infections. Have your pet vaccinated regularly to prevent these illnesses.

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