How to Install XP Software on Windows 7

The Windows 7 operating system is built for compatibility with previous Windows systems. Windows 7 runs most Windows XP programs without any additional hassle. However, some programs tailored to Windows XP can be difficult to install on a Windows 7 system. For these programs, Windows 7 has a feature called Windows XP Mode. This allows users to run a virtual copy of Windows XP on their Windows 7 machine and install an XP program for maximum compatibility.


    • 1

      Click on the "Start" button. Click "Windows Virtual PC."

    • 2

      Click "Windows XP Mode."

    • 3

      Insert the installation disc for your Windows XP program and install it. Or double-click on the installation file of the program from its place on your computer's hard drive to install it.

    • 4

      Close the window displaying XP Mode when the program is finished installing.

    • 5

      Click the "Start" button again. Click "Windows Virtual PC."

    • 6

      Click "Windows XP Mode Applications" to display the newly installed program.

    • 7

      Click on the program to run it.

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