How to Find Zaeed in "Mass Effect 2"


When it comes to facing an unfamiliar intergalactic enemy with the power to wipe out mankind, it helps to have plenty of friends on your side. It's especially helpful when said friends come with superior firepower. When Cerberus provides Commander Shepard with dossiers on potential crew members for the Normandy, one name will come up that is sure to fit the bill - Zaeed Massani, one of the most feared and respected mercenaries in the galaxy. His guns are for hire, and there is little work involved in persuading him to join your campaign - all you have to do is find him.

Make sure the proper DLC has been obtained

  • In order to obtain Masani as part of the Normandy crew, players must first enable the Cerberus Network, a downloadable content pack and news source available for Mass Effect 2. The content can be accessed using the one-time use code card provided with each new copy of the game (or with the Mass Effect Trilogy). If playing a used copy of the game, codes can be purchased separately by following instructions from the game's main menu. In addition to perks like the ability to visit the crash site of the original Normandy, downloading the Cerberus Network gives you the ability to recruit Massani and make him part of your crew.

Travel to Omega

  • When Cerberus provides Shepard with dossiers on several potential crew members for the Normandy, it is discovered that several can be found on Omega - a space station that's become a mecca for criminals, mercenaries and terrorists. Shepard can find the station in the Omega Nebula on the Galaxy Map.

Dock and recruit

  • Once the Normandy has been docked at Omega, Shepard will be standing in a long corridor that links to the station. Walking straight ahead to the end of the corridor will put Shepard face-to-face with Massani, the infamous mercenary.

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