How to Roach Horses' Manes for Showing

Shaving a horse's mane is called "roaching."
Shaving a horse's mane is called "roaching." (Image: BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Showing your horse requires a great deal of preparation and commitment. You can't simply pull a horse out of the pasture, haul it to a show and get good results. Careful grooming is a must. One grooming technique is to shave a horse's mane, or "roach" it, but roaching must be done carefully.

Things You'll Need

  • Professional Clippers
  • Size 10 Blade
  • Body Brush
  • Cloth
  • Clipper Spray

Make sure your horse is clean and dry. Tie the horse securely and introduce the horse to the clippers.

Allow the horse to sniff the clippers before touching him with them, then turn them on and allow him to smell the clippers while they are running. Rub the running clippers, blade side up, along the horse's neck on the sides to get him used to the vibration and sound. You cannot roach the mane unless the horse will stand calmly for the clippers.

Attach your size 10 blades to your clippers and make sure they are well oiled. Have a can of clipper spray handy to clean off the blades every few minutes and to keep them sharp and clean. Clogged clippers cannot cut.

Working against the grain of the hair, begin clipping the forelock down to the level of the base coat hair. Continue clipping the mane evenly, taking care to make the edges even. Work your way back along the mane, towards the withers. Stop every few inches and spray your clippers.

Tidy up the edges of your clip job when you are finished. For show purposes, the clip must be neat and must blend smoothly into the rest of the coat. Check for flaws, and then finish with a final wipe of a cloth to enhance the shine.

Tips & Warnings

  • Adding a touch of baby oil to the roached mane can enhance the shine.
  • Do not use a finer blade than size 10 to roach the mane, as it will cut too close and make uneven spots that are hard to blend.

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