How to Draw a Puppy Step-by-Step


Its become common knowledge that if you include puppies in anything, it guarantees some attention. If you're not a practiced artist, the problem is actually drawing something that resembles a puppy. First decide on the type of drawing style you'd like to achieve. Some of the most common drawing styles include abstraction, manga (cartoonlike), realism and surrealism. The most common type of drawing would be realistic, which is usually easiest for practiced artists. However, anyone can draw a manga, or cartoonlike, puppy.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Eraser
  • Draw a small round circle using a pencil. It doesn't have to be a perfect Michelangelo circle; just make it as round as possible. This circle will become the puppy's head.

  • Draw a long horizontal oval for the body, directly under the small circle. The small circle should overlap the long oval, but not more than half of the long oval body. The oval should also be partially straight, so that it creates a 90-degree angle in relation to the small circle. The front of the long oval should curve out the same amount as the head.

  • Draw a vertical line under the oval body. Make sure the line isn't too close to the front curve of the oval. This is the start of one leg, and the line can be as long as you wish the legs to be. A cuter dog usually has smaller legs.

  • Connect a couple of curvy V's next to the long line for paws, and then draw another line to complete the leg.

  • Draw another leg less than half an inch away under the oval body, which will make up the second front leg. Draw paws similar to those on the first leg.

  • Draw another leg almost toward the back of the oval, which will make one of the back legs.

  • Draw the final leg, a bit smaller than the others, in between the front and back leg. Add paws to these legs.

  • Draw a tail (which you can safely freehand). Start with a slightly curved straight line until you reach the desired length of the puppy tail. Draw a second line underneath it and connect the lines to make a tail.

  • Draw a face on the small circle you started with. Draw two C's on each side, with the C facing inward to make cheeks. Cute, cartoonlike puppies have rounder, fatter cheeks, while more realistic puppies have skinnier ones.

  • Draw two small, bent hotdog-shaped ovals on the top of the small circle curving down on either side of the cheeks and extending past them. The bent portion should droop, like realistic dog ears.

  • Draw a small curved line under each droop, for the inner ears.

  • Draw two round eyes and a black pupil in each one. Another option is to draw two upside-down U's instead of circles.

  • Draw a upside-down triangle for the nose, and shade it in.

  • Draw two right side up "U" shapes touching each other under the nose to create a cartoonlike mouth.

  • Outline the shape of the dog in pen, then erase the circles and any other practice lines inside the puppy.

Tips & Warnings

  • Practice makes perfect. Take your time, relax and curve your lines so the dog appears natural.

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