How to Convert a Double to an Integer in C


Programming languages have many different ways of representing data. For example, two ways the C programming language can store a number are as an integer or as a double. An integer is a basic number that has no fractional component, like 1 and 2. A double is a floating point number, which can have a fractional component and an exponential component. This makes it suitable to store data like 2.718. Converting a double to an integer is guaranteed to lose a lot of precision, since all the decimal information is lost.

Things You'll Need

  • C Compiler, such as GCC
  • C Integrated Development Environment, such as Eclipse CDT
  • Load up your C Integrated Development Environment, by clicking on its icon, and start a new project. The workspace window will load up with a blank source code file.

  • Import these two libraries by writing the following lines at the top of the source code file:

    include <stdio.h>
    include <stdlib.h>
  • Create a main function by writing the following lines after the #include lines:

    int main()



  • Declare an integer and double data type by writing the following two lines within the curly brackets of the main function:

    int x = 0;

    double e = 2.718;

  • Convert the double to an int by writing the next line of code:

    x = (int) e;

  • Print out both the double and the int to see the results. You can use the function printf to accomplish this, like so:

    printf("%d, %f\n", x, e);

  • Compile and run the program by pressing the "Run" button on the IDE. The program will compile and then execute. The output will be:

    2, 2.718000

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