How to Tie a Kayak to a Jeep


A Jeep is a great vehicle to use to transport your kayak. Jeeps are usually not too tall and usually have side steps to stand on. Whether you have a soft top with roll bars or a hard shell with a rack, the process for tying your kayak to the top is the same. Tying or strapping a kayak to a Jeep is not difficult, but a surprising number of kayaks fly from the tops of vehicles because they were not properly tied down. In addition to being extremely dangerous to oncoming and traffic following, these accidents can do a great deal of damage to your kayak.

Things You'll Need

  • Two straps with cams or ropes with trucker's hitches
  • Cradle the kayak perpendicular over the two roll bars of the jeep or across bars of the kayak rack, hull down. Center the bow and stern evenly across the two bars. Hold the loop of the trucker's hitch on the center of the top of the kayak's bow. This assures you will have enough rope length to tighten the kayak without interference from the cross or roll bars.

  • Drop the loose end of the rope over the far side of the kayak bow, loop it under the bar, wrap it around the bar once, and bring it up. Stretch the rope across the bow of the boat. You can now let go of the loop at the other end of your rope. Drop the loose end of your rope off the near side of the side of the bow. Loop it under the bar, wrap it around the bar once. Bring the tail end up to the loop. Feed the tail through the loop and tie a trucker's hitch. Fastening the bow and the stern are the same process.

  • Hold the loop of your second rope on top of the stern of the kayak. Drop the rope strap off the far side of the stern. Feed the loose end under the far side of the cross bar, wrap it around the bar once and bring it back over the stern. Feed it under the near side of the cross bar. Wrap the tail around the cross bar once, bring it up, and feed it through the loop. Tie a knot in your trucker's hitch.

  • Alternate tightening the bow and stern trucker's hitch knots, snugging your kayak down securely on the cross bars. Once it feels secure, grab the kayak by the cockpit and wriggle it. If the kayak is securely fastened to the roll bars or rack, it will not move.

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