How to Get Respect From Your Co-Workers

Getting respect from your co-workers can often be a difficult task. It gets even more complicated when your co-workers have some reason to resent you. For example, if you were chosen for a special project or even a promotion or if you are clearly your boss's favorite for plum assignments. However, if you act accordingly, keep your cool and think about your actions, you will be able to get the respect you deserve from your co-workers.


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      Get allies at work. You should have a few people at work that you are friends with, at least work friends. These people can have your back during conflicts and make it more likely that the staff will not openly disrespect you.

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      Use positive word choices when questioning co-workers. For example, don't tell them why their way of doing things is wrong. Instead, ask if there might be a more efficient or productive way to help them brainstorm other alternatives. This makes you appear helpful and makes it more likely that people will respect you.

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      Keep optimism going strong. Don't complain about your job, your boss or your co-workers with anyone at work. Gain the reputation for being friendly and positive and people will be more likely to respect you.

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      Do your best. Always show integrity with your job and do work that you can be proud of. Any co-workers that care about their careers or the company will respect you for your effort.

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      Maintain a professional appearance. Come to work in appropriate attire. If you work in an office, on casual Friday, skip the ripped jeans and t-shirt and instead wear khaki slacks and a tailored shirt. Looking professional will help your co-workers view you that way.

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      Show respect to get respect. Always be respectful of your co-workers. Listen to their opinions, help them with problems or issues and never ridicule anyone for a questions or idea that you don't agree with.

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