How to Fix a Weed Eater String


The cutting string on a Weed Eater lawn trimmer revolves around at high rates of speed to slice through grasses. If the string can't spin fast enough or more won't come out, the Weed Eater won't cut through anything. If the string jams up on the spool inside the cutting head, more won't come out. To fix these problems, find the source of the jam that's blocking the head from either spinning fast enough or feeding more string out.

Things You'll Need

  • Rag
  • Scissors
  • Replacement Weed Eater string
  • Turn off the Weed Eater's engine. Let the moving head come to a stop before attempting to grab it. Place the unit on a workbench so the cutting head faces upward. Grab and hold the moving part of the cutting head.

  • Pull on the tap button, or unscrew it counterclockwise to remove the spool from the head. Take out the spool and unwind any remaining string. Get rid of the old string. Pull out the spring inside the cutting head.

  • Wipe the spool and spring, as well as inside the cutting head, using a rag. Check the spool for cracks or bends. Replace the spool if it's broken in any way. Replace the cutting head if it's cracked or heavily worn. Replace the spring if it's bent, crooked or has lost its flexibility.

  • Cut off the appropriate amount of replacement Weed Eater string --- each model has different specifications, so check the operator's manual. Don't overfill the trimmer or use string that's too large, which will cause feeding and cutting problems.

  • Insert ½ inch of the string into the hole in the center of the spool. Wind the string, following the arrow's direction, around the spool. Fit the remaining 5 inches into one of the holding slots. Wind the second string in the same manner. Use the opposite holding slot for the remaining string.

  • Refit the spring in the center of the head. Fit the spool down on the spring. Tighten the center knob, rotating slightly while pushing down on it, to lock the spool in place.

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