How to Replace an APC UPS 750 Battery


APC manufactures back-up devices to protect your computer in the event of a sudden power loss or power surge. A sudden power loss can mean you lose valuable data and in some instances it may cause software problems, while a power surge can damage vital hardware components. There are many variations of back-up devices produced by APC; two such devices are the APC Back-UPS ES750 and the APC Smart-UPS 750 VA. Battery replacement is fairly straightforward for both models, although the method varies slightly.

APC Back-UPS ES750

  • Place your APC Back-UPS ES750 upside down on a table. You can see the battery access panel.

  • Press down on the tab on the battery panel using your fingers. Keep the tab depressed and then slide open the battery cover. The tab is centrally positioned between the battery panel and the main casing.

  • Lift up the battery from the battery compartment. You see two wires, one black and one red connected to the battery. Use your fingers to pull the connectors from the battery terminals. Remove the battery.

  • Put your replacement battery close enough to the battery compartment so the wires from the unit can be simply connected to the battery. Don't put the battery into the battery compartment yet.

  • Connect the black wire to the black-colored battery terminal and the red wire to the red-colored battery terminal. Push the connectors onto the terminals using your fingers.

  • Lower the battery into the battery compartment using your hand. Slide the battery panel toward the center of the device until it clicks in place. Use your device as normal.

APC Smart-UPS 750 VA

  • Place your APC Smart-UPS 750 VA on a table so the front of the unit faces you. Press the clips on the top sides of the front panel and pull the top of the panel toward you using your fingers. The panel moves out a few inches from the top. Slightly lift up the panel so the bottom of the panel gets detached from the base of the unit and then flip the base toward you and over the top of the unit so the panel lies on the top of the unit.

  • Remove the battery cover. Pull the two lugs on the top front of the cover slightly out of their sockets using your fingers. This unclips the top of the cover. The cover is hinged at the base so let the cover drop down gently onto the table.

  • Pull out the battery from the battery compartment using your hands until the front is flush with the base battery cover that's on the table. Disconnect the two wires from the unit that attach to the battery terminals. Just pull the connectors using your fingers and they detach. Remove the battery by lifting it upward and away from the unit.

  • Put your replacement battery into position on the battery cover that's on the table. Connect the red wire to the red-colored battery terminal and the black wire to the black-colored battery terminal. Push the connectors into place using your fingers then slide the battery into the battery compartment.

  • Lift up the battery cover and swing it so the top closes on the base unit. Push the two lugs into the sockets using your fingers until they click in place. Line up the front panel that's on top of the unit and flip it over so it drops down into the front. Slightly lift the base of the panel so it sits on the lugs on the base of the unit. Push the top of the panel toward the unit then press it at the top so the tabs on the panel click into place.

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