How to Catch Registeel in "Pokemon Ruby"


In "Pokemon Ruby," part of the challenge is finding and capturing every Pokemon in the world. Each game in the series offers hundreds on Pokemon to catch, along with several legendary creatures. Legendary Pokemon are difficult to obtain and often require a bit of luck. One of the legendary creatures in "Pokemon Ruby" is Registeel. As its name implies, Registeel is a steel-type Pokemon with powerful defense. It is part of a trio of Pokemon called the Regis, which together form a giant golem.

  • Obtain the Pokemon Wailord. Wailord are sometimes found by fishing on Route 129, but this is not common. Fish on Route 122 to catch a Wailmer instead. Evolve the Wailmer into a Wailord by battling with it.

  • Get the Pokemon Relicanth. Find Relicanth by using the move "Dive" while in the water. Relicanth is an uncommon Pokemon, so you may not find one quickly.

  • Teach one of the Pokemon in your party the "Dig" move, or capture a Pokemon that knows it.

  • Go to Pacifidlog Town, enter the water and surf west. You will enter the Ocean Currents area. Use the "Dive" move and swim until you reach a wall covered with strange writing.

  • Use "Dive" again to return to the surface; you are now in a cavern. Walk forward, toward the middle wall, and use the "Dig" move. The next room opens.

  • Place Wailord as the last Pokemon in your party, and put Relicanth as the first. Walk up to the back wall and press "A." The cave rumbles, indicating that Registeel is released. You are now able to find and catch it.

  • Go to the Safari Zone and travel west. Use your Mach Bike to climb the dirt hill that you encounter. Enter the cave at the top of the hill.

  • Press "A" when you reach the wall at the back of the cave. Walk to the middle of the cave and use the "Fly" move. You will land in Registeel's cave. Approach him to start the battle.

  • Catch Registeel like all other Pokemon. Battle with it until its HP is low, then throw Poke Balls. After several attempts, Registeel will be captured.

Tips & Warnings

  • After releasing the Regis for capture, you will also be able to catch Regice and Regirock.

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