How to Teach My Husky to Pull a Sled


Huskies were bred in northern Asia specifically to pull sleds in the winter, so teaching your husky to pull you shouldn't be difficult. In fact, it may be more difficult to teach her not to pull! Take some considerations into account before teaching your dog to pull, such as your dog's age, his health and even his desire to pull.

Teaching Pull

  1. Give your dog a chance to get used to the harness by allowing him to wear it around the house. The harness might frighten your dog or make him uncomfortable at first, so reward him just for walking around in it.
  2. Attach something to the harness, such as a lightweight board, and encourage your dog to pull it around the back yard using treats or toys that your dog loves.
  3. If your dog still seems hesitant, run in front of your dog and encourage him to follow. Reward him with treats or a game as he follows.


  • If you want your dog to pull you, be sure to teach him commands such as "go," "stop," "left" and "right," since you won't have much control when you are being pulled down the street.

Build Skill

Once your dog seems comfortable pulling a light object around the yard, start gradually adding weight. Just like any exercise program, you don't want to increase weight too quickly, as this might injure your dog. Add 5 to 10 pounds and give your dog a day or two to adjust. Each dog will progress at a different pace, but when your dog seems comfortable, increase the weight again. Keep increasing until you reach the weight of an adult human, about 150 pounds. Once your dog knows what she's doing, you can teach her to pull almost anything, like a scooter or a bicycle.


  • Don't use punishments when teaching your husky to pull. You want her to have a positive association with pulling, which means using rewards. If you are getting frustrated with training, end the session for the day and try again tomorrow when your dog is more eager to work.

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