How to Find Toads


Finding toads requires knowledge of their habitat and movements. Unlike frogs that make big jumping motions, toads have more of a walking motion and they stay close to the ground. Toads also have warts on their backs and yellow eyes that distinguish them from many frogs. Toads are large with many reaching over 4 inches in length.

Finding Wild Toads

Wild toads are prominent in wetland environments. The eggs and tadpoles live in freshwater and the adults live on land but they like moist environments and often remain close to water. Search for wild toads around ponds and the woodland areas surrounding ponds. Also pay attention to the roads near wetlands and woodlands. Toads will cross roads and sit on the blacktop to absorb heat. Collecting a wild toad is much easier than catching a frog, as toads are slower. Time the toad as it moves along the ground and herd it into a jar.

Finding Pet Toads

Pet toads are easy to locate in your local pet stores. The toad is a common amphibian, especially in North America. You also will be able to find a toad cage and appropriate food in the same stores. Toads and frogs are both capable of living in domestic aquariums with the proper habitat.

Keeping Pet Toads

Keep one or two pet toads in a 5-gallon aquarium with a combination of water and dry land. A large water dish is ample for toads and they will often sit in the water. Add sand and rocks for dry land habitat. Supply a covered area so the toad can hide when threatened, and feed the toad mealworms and crickets daily. The habitat is moist and requires regular cleaning. Replace the sand

Finding Lost Pet Toads

Keep your toads in a cage or contained area at all times to prevent losing them. Finding a lost toad is difficult in wet, wooded environments and you may not recover him. Begin looking for a toad lost indoors by searching the area closest to the cage. Look for the nearest hiding spot to recover your toad. They will seek out a dark, protected area in unfamiliar territory. Look under cabinet ledges, couches and furniture until you find the toad.


  • Keep a secondary container to secure the toad while you clean the cage each week. This will limit the risk of losing your toad in the house.

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