How to Maintain Your High Achievement Focus in Business

Maintaining a high-achievement focus means having a powerful motivation toward a goal.
Maintaining a high-achievement focus means having a powerful motivation toward a goal. (Image: Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images)

Maintaining a high-achievement focus means keeping a high level of motivation toward a goal rather than getting complacent. A well focused businessman doesn't just succeed in hitting a single goal, but also has consistent success. This means having consistent effort, and doing the daily activities necessary to achieve results. More than just work, this requires energy, a positive attitude and an unwillingness to give up.

Begin with the end in mind. Your vision of what you will achieve has to be so vivid and strong in your mind that you are willing to go through the difficult obstacles to achieve it. You must have faith and belief that you will achieve your goals if you continue to work hard and sacrifice. Visit your dream home or test drive your dream car so you'll have a clear picture of what you will be able to afford if you succeed. Research some charities or causes that you can contribute to once you meet your goals. These motivations should help you push thorough distractions, disappointments, and failures.

Create a detailed plan for achieving your success. The plan should have specific goals for production, profits and promotions. These goals should be monthly, quarterly, annually, and extend to five years, then ten years. This will help not only to expand your vision, but to cement it in your mind. Your business plan will help you understand what results you need to get in order to get the things you desire. Now if you meet a monthly goal for production or profits, you know where that work is leading and you can expect a reward. By the same principle, if you are falling short then you know what you are missing out on.

Implement your plan. Put everything into action and go after your goals as best you can. At first achieving some of your goals may seem impossible, especially when measuring your daily activity against some of the long-term progress you're aiming for. Remember that the more work you do, the more your skills will improve and your experience will build. If your work involves hiring or recruiting others and then training them, your progress could grow exponentially as you will replicate yourself via those you train.

Adjust your goals as often as necessary in response to feedback you receive. Verify that the source of the feedback is a credible one that can help you achieve your goal. This doesn't mean they have to work in your industry, but check their track record to see if they have achieved their business goals. Remember that success leaves clues that are often universal to any field.

Celebrate achieving an important goal. This doesn't mean you wait until you hit a five-year-goal before celebrating. Odds are you'll burn out long before that if you don't celebrate some smaller victories along the way. But, it also doesn't mean partying every week, and celebrating prematurely either. Your success, if celebrated, will inspire others to do what you've done, and help them to see that there are rewards for working hard.

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