How to Calculate Pig Weight


It is important to know your pig's weight to provide the correct amount of food per day and to administer any types of medications, such as dewormers. You can use a soft measuring tape and a formula to calculate a pig's weight.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft measuring tape
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Calculator
  • Helper (optional)
  • Pig food (optional)
  • Treats

Walk over to your pig and have him stand up if he is lying down. Place the tip of a soft measuring tape on his backbone just behind his shoulder blades and pull the other end of the measuring tape down and around him, then up to meet the tip. The heart girth is directly behind his front legs on a pig. Write down the measurement.

Place the tip of the measuring tape at the base of your pig's ears on the center of his neck. Stretch the measuring tape along his backbone and to the base of his tail to get his body length. Note this measurement.

Insert your two measurements into this formula. Heart girth x heart girth x body length/400 to calculate his weight in pounds. For example, if your pig's heart girth is 30 and his body length is 44, then 30 x 30 x 44/400 = 99 pounds. If your answer is less than 150, add 7 pounds to the total for young pigs.

Give your pig a tasty treat such as a carrot or apple for being patient while you measure him.


  • If your pig is gentle, you can measure him by yourself. If he is not comfortable or is new to you, you may need a helper to keep him still while measuring him.

    Try putting a small amount of pig food in your pig's dish so he will eat while you are measuring him and stay put.

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