How to Get to Ever Grande City in "Pokemon Emerald"


Ever Grande City is the island which contains the Elite Four in the Hoenn Region. It only consists of two buildings, one of which is a single Pokemon Center before Victory Road. Victory Road splits the island up into two different parts, both of which can be flown to after they have been visited. Ever Grande City is the only city in the Pokemon world that has two Pokemon Centers, and is the only city to host the Elite Four.

  • Earn all eight Pokemon badges. You can only reach the city once you have earned the final Pokemon badge in Sootopolis City.

  • Fly to Mossdeep City. Make sure to include in your party a Pokemon that knows the moves Waterfall and Surf.

  • Use Surf in the water surrounding Mossdeep City.

  • Swim all the way south to Route 128.

  • Go east at the fork.

  • Use Waterfall to climb the waterfall leading into the city. You are now in Ever Grande City.

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