How to Send Video From a Phone to Twitter

Twitter users are able to communicate with others on the Twitter social network by posting short, 140-character messages or "tweets" that all of their followers can see. Twitter also allows you to post links, images and videos that your followers can view. Thanks to the TwitVid application, you can take a video with your mobile phone and send it directly to Twitter as long as you are able to install the TwitVid app on your phone. This allows your followers to receive video feeds from your cellphone in almost real-time.


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      Download and install the TwitVid app on your phone. TwitVid is the only application offered at the time of publication that allows you to send video from your mobile phone to Twitter. It's free to download and use.

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      Open the TwitVid application on your phone. Choose "Record a New Video" from the list of options. Record a video as you normally would. Remember, the longer the video, the larger the file size. While there's no limit on how big a TwitVid video can be, your cellular carrier may have a limit.

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      Type in any text you want to appear with your video. Keep in mind that your tweets are limited to 140 characters (including the video link). If you use too many characters, a warning message will appear.

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