How to Calculate the Tolls on I-95

When traveling along Interstate 95 on the East Coast, drivers should expect to pay a toll in some states. The highway has several tolls along the northbound and southbound routes that require payment either by cash or EZ Pass. An EZ Pass is a credit program in which drivers pay for the tolls beforehand once a month. Calculating the tolls for your trip will ensure that you have enough money available to make it to your destination.


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      Determine your route along I-95, which passes through 15 states, some of which do not have tolls.

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      Look online to determine which tollbooths are along the route. The website (see Resources) has a page that lists tolls in the northbound and southbound directions. Look on the web page for the tolls along the way. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida do not have any tolls along I-95.

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      Write down the toll amounts listed along the route. Some tolls are charged in one direction only. For example, on the northbound George Washington Bridge in New York, the toll is $8 as of April 2011, but the southbound direction on the bridge does not have a toll.

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      Add up the toll prices. The total is the cost of the tolls for the trip.

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