The Best Way to Lose a Double Chin

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Double chins may be more difficult to get rid of as you grow older.

A double chin is an unsightly consequence of poor diet and exercise habits or unfortunate genetics. Removing a double chin can be a simple process or a very difficult one, depending on a person's genetic make-up. Some people may need to combine a variety of techniques to get rid of a double chin and others may never fully lose it. You can take a few steps to reduce or even eliminate a double chin and lead a healthier lifestyle in the process.


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      Eat a proper diet. Sometimes losing a double chin is a simple as losing weight by eating less and consuming healthier foods. Reducing calorie intake decreases the amount of fat in your body, including your face. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and replace high-fat meats with leaner cuts. Also, cut down on the size of the portions you eat.

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      Exercise your face, which is generally easy and only takes a few minutes per day. For one exercise, pull your head back slightly while standing so your face is tilted toward the ceiling, then try to kiss the ceiling by extending your lips. Hold this pose for five seconds and repeat about five times. Another exercise involves gently and precisely rolling your head side to side and up and down. A third exercise focuses on the platsyma muscle, which runs up your neck and under the chin. For this exercise, open your mouth as wide as you can and then stretch your lower lip over your top row of teeth.

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      Liposuction is a last resort if other methods aren't working. Cosmetic surgeons frequently work with double chins, as it is a common complaint. The procedure involves sucking fat out of the area. You should talk with your doctor about the procedure, as it may carry various medical risks, such as bleeding, trauma to surrounding tissue and a lumpy appearance if too much fat is removed.

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