How to Get the Sixth Badge in "Leaf Green"

In "Pokemon LeafGreen," your primary objective is to earn eight badges so you can take on the Elite Four in Indigo Plateau. When it's time to earn your sixth badge, the game will automatically bring you to Saffron City where you must fight Sabrina. However, before you can do this, you must force Team Rocket out of the Silph Co. building.


    • 1

      Walk to the building in Saffron City with a sign on the door that says "Saffron City Gym." A man will be standing in front of the entrance. Walk up to him and press "A." At this point, he will tell you to get lost.

    • 2

      Enter Silph Co., which is the largest building in the city. It also has a sign out front that displays its name on it. Take the stairs, located on either side of the building, to the 11th floor. Fight any member of Team Rocket you pass in front of.

    • 3

      Fight and defeat Giovanni's Pokemon on the 11th floor to force him to clear out Team Rocket from Saffron City. Return to the Saffron City Gym. The man blocking the entrance will not be there. Enter the gym and walk up to Sabrina to initiate battle.

    • 4

      Fight Sabrina's Pokemon. Her combatants are primarily made up of psychic Pokemon, save for Venomoth, a bug/poison-type. Bug- and Ghost-type Pokemon do double damage against psychic-types. Fire-, flying-, psychic- and rock-type Pokemon will do double damage against Venomoth.

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