How to Level Up Pokemon Fast in SoulSilver

In the "Pokemon SoulSilver" video game on the Nintendo DS your Pokemon collect experience points by winning battles against other Pokemon and trainers. Collecting enough of these points will make your Pokemon "level up," increasing its health points and attributes, like the amount of damage it can deal out and absorb. Pokemon can also learn new moves to use in battle while leveling up. Leveling up a new Pokemon can be a slow process, but it is one which can be accelerated vastly by using a gadget called the "Exp. Share."


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      Find "Mr Pokemon" in his house to the north of Cherrygrove City. He will give you an egg, but that isn't really important --- he also has an Exp. Share, but you need to trade with him to get it.

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      Go find the Red Gyarados Pokemon. It lives in the Lake of Rage, and you'll have to battle Team Rocket, the game's adversaries, to get to it. Once you defeat the Red Gyarados, you'll get a Red Scale.

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      Take the Red Scale to Mr Pokemon at his house. He'll give you the Exp. Share in exchange for it.

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      Give the Exp. Share to the Pokemon that you want to level up.

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      Go win some battles. The Pokemon who is holding the Exp. Share will receive half of the experience points that you gain from the battle. Thus, if you go use your higher-level Pokemon to battle other high-level Pokemon, your low-level Pokemon will gain experience much faster than it would by beating Pokemon with which it can actually compete.

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      Use the Pokemon that is holding the Exp. Share in battle. If it wins the battle without fainting while holding the Exp. Share, it will receive double the experience points it usually would.

Tips & Warnings

  • Pokemon that have fainted gain no experience, so don't use your low-level Pokemon against high-level enemies just because of the potential experience yield. Use a higher-level Pokemon, and the Exp. Share will give half of the points to your lower-level Pokemon anyway.
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