How to Find Redstone Ore in "Minecraft"


Arguably one of the most useful blocks in "Minecraft," redstone serves to power electricity throughout the created world. From automatically running a minecart to locking doors, redstone has multiple uses. It can even be used to power complex configurations, such as a functional binary calculator.

Gathering Tools

  • You can't pluck out redstone with your bare hands; you'll need an iron pickaxe to do the job. Gather some wood from a tree and make some wooden sticks. With a stone pickaxe, you can mine iron from underground and use it to make a better pickaxe.

Finding Redstone

  • Redstone starts appearing below the 14th layer of the map, but is rare until you reach the bottom 16 levels. These are the blocks that look like stone with red flecks scattered across the surface. Mining ore yields between four and five redstone dust piles, which is enough for all recipes except the redstone block. In Creative Mode, you can give yourself redstone ore directly to smelt in a furnace, but this only gives you a single dust pile in return.

Placing Redstone

  • With a pile of redstone dust in hand, you can place it on the ground just like you would any other block. Because you're putting down dust, it won't leave a block when you place it; instead, you place it down in a line such that you can create a large trail with adjacent redstone piles. A trail of redstone acts like a power cable; you can run it between certain blocks to provide power.

Brewing with Redstone

  • Though its original purpose is providing electricity, redstone also plays a role in brewing potions. For example, brewing a Mundane Potion requires redstone dust and a water bottle. Mixing redstone with certain already-made potions has one of two effects: it'll either increase how long the potion lasts or downgrade it to a weaker version.

Crafting with Redstone

  • Several recipes call for redstone as an ingredient. One common example is the redstone torch, which is crafted like a normal torch, but with redstone instead of coal. These torches serve as a type of extension cord, letting you string along redstone dust on the ground between them to continue the electric current. You can also combine redstone with four iron ingots to produce a compass to help point you in the right direction.

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