How to Get Through the Icefall Cave in "FireRed"


In "Pokemon FireRed," players must explore the Sevii Islands, an archipelago containing a series of small towns and puzzling dungeons. On Floe Island, you will find Icefall Cave. As you walk on the floor within this dungeon, the ice tiles will crack and break beneath you, making navigation tricky. The cave holds an important item that you will need to progress through the game.

  • Travel to the east end of Floe Island. Use surf to reach the entrance to Icefall Cave and go inside.

  • Surf northwest from the entrance. Enter the hole in the wall.

  • Walk to northern tip of the next room. Step on the northernmost patch of ice twice to fall through to the next room.

  • Take the ladder upstairs.

  • Fall through the southernmost patch of ice. You will land in the middle of an ice rink.

  • Slide up, right, down, then left on the ice. Step off the rink.

  • Climb the ladder to the south.

  • Collect HM 07, Waterfall, and teach it to a Pokemon in your party.

  • Jump down the small hill, walk southwest and exit the door, which will take you back to the first chamber of the cave.

  • Use Waterfall to scale the waterfall.

  • Climb the ladder on the northwest strip of land.

  • Enter the hole in the wall in the next room.

  • Help Lorelei battle the Team Rocket Grunts. (You only have to defeat one.)

  • Return to the first chamber and exit the cave.

Tips & Warnings

  • The Team Rocket Grunt you must battle has three Pokemon, two Zubats and one Golbat. Use Rock, Electric, Psychic or Ice-type moves to knock them out quickly. Ground-type attacks will not hurt these Pokemon.
  • You can capture a Lapras, a rare Pokemon, by surfing or fishing in the chamber where you battle the Team Rocket Grunt. The cave is also home to more common Pokemon, such as Seel and Poliwag. Bring Pokeballs.
  • A NeverMeltIce item, which strengthens Ice-type attacks, appears to the right of the ice rink floor. Collect it before you leave Icefall Cave.

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