How to Remove Dried Snot in the Nose

Unclog your nose by removing dried snot.
Unclog your nose by removing dried snot. (Image: Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

Excessive mucus on the nose is usually caused by infection or an invading pathogen, for mucus is usually created in response to invading germs. Some medications are also noted to create excessive mucus in the nose. This mucus formation can dry and crust over, making it a hassle for it to be removed. Nothing but a nuisance, dried up snot can be annoying when it comes to eating or can potentially interfere with sleep. Removing dried snot will require a bit of saline solution and rigorous blowing of the nose.

Things You'll Need

  • Saline solution
  • Dropper
  • Chair
  • Neck cushion

Open up the bottle of saline solution. Bottles of saline solution are readily available at your local pharmacy. Use an eye dropper to suck up some saline solution.

Sit down on a chair and tilt your head back. If need be, use a cushion in the back of your neck for support.

Drip some of the saline solution into the nostril, making sure to breathe through your mouth. Allow the liquid to loosen up the dried snot in the nose. Let the solution remain inside the nose cavity for a minute.

Grab a paper napkin or towel and tilt your head forward into the napkin. Allow the saline solution to drain from the nose cavity. Blow your nose to remove any compacted snot and any residual saline solution. Rub the outer edge of the nose with the towel, making sure to remove any snot from the perimeter of the nose. Repeat the process on the other nostril.

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