How to Write a Sorority Letter of Recommendation


Applying for sorority membership is a little like applying for a job. Many sororities follow strict screening procedures and require a letter of recommendation. Sororities can be difficult to get into and, if you’re unfamiliar with the Greek system, may also seem difficult to understand and navigate. But don’t worry. If you do your homework first and follow a few straightforward steps, you’ll make the grade -- just like any good university student.

Do Your Homework

  • Investigate how your letter of recommendation should be delivered. Some sororities encourage email submissions while others accept letters only by standard delivery. This information should be clearly stated on the sorority’s website.

  • Many sororities require that you complete a recommendation form. Some require only the form while other sororities require the form and a recommendation letter. Follow the rules and, above all, heed the submission deadline.

  • Learn about the sorority you are writing to and its culture. Some sororities have an athletic focus; some foster girls who are pursuing a major in the sciences. This information should help you tailor your recommendation letter accordingly to address the relevant qualities of the sorority candidate.

Make an Impression

  • Choose a professional typeface for your letter, such as Tahoma or Arial. Set the margins at 1 inch at the top, sides and bottom. Indent from the left and single space, double-spacing only between paragraphs.

  • Write your return address in your header, which includes only your address (not your name) followed by the date.

  • Write the name, title and address of the person to whom you are writing.

  • Write the salutation, followed by a colon. Even if you know or have met the person to whom you are writing, use their full name, preceded by Mr. or Ms.

  • Write the first of four paragraphs. The first paragraph should be direct and purposeful and allude to the relationship you have with the subject of the letter to establish your credibility: “I am writing to recommend the inclusion of Sally White in XYZ sorority based on the many rare attributes my family and I have witnessed in Sally over the last 12 years.” If applicable, also establish your relationship to the college or university. If you went to the school, say so, but don’t name-drop or fawn.

  • Write the next three paragraphs, being certain to present one topic or idea per paragraph. Begin the second paragraph by explaining your relationship to the woman in question.

  • Devote the third paragraph to her personal qualities and attributes. Avoid using trite or hollow words, such as “nice,” “good” or “unique.”

  • End the letter by saying that you recommend the candidate because she would make an outstanding ambassador to the university as a whole and the sorority in particular. If you are inclined, say that the person may contact you for more information.

  • Choose an appropriate closing, which can range from formal to casual and include “Respectfully yours,” “Yours truly,” “Sincerely yours,” or “Sincerely."

  • Type your name. Then sign your name in the space between the closing and your typed name.

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