How to Calculate Antilog on a TI-30XS


The antilog is a mathematical function that represents the inverse of the log of a number. Calculating the antilog of a number is the same as raising 10 to the power of that number. For example, the antilog of five is the same as 10 raised to the fifth power. Therefore, even though the TI-30XS does not have an antilog key, you can calculate the antilog using the 10^x key.

  • Push the "2nd" key.

  • Push the "log" key which will enter "10^x" because you already pushed "2nd."

  • Push "5" to show you want the antilog of 5.

  • Push the "Enter" key to have the calculator display the antilog. In this example, the calculator will display 100,000 as the antilog of 5.


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