How to Apply Conofite Lotion in a Dog's Ear


Applying Conofite lotion, or miconazole nitrate, to a dog's ear, requires just the dog, the lotion and some gauze. Conofite serves to heal fungal infections; apply the lotion to the affected ear and go to your vet for a follow up visit until the infection is eradicated.

Fungal Ear Infection Symptoms

A dog with a fungal ear infection will shake his head and scratch at his ears to try to relieve the discomfort. The infected ear becomes red, inflamed and has an offensive odor, and commonly a yellow or black discharge. Chronic infections may present as crusty or thickened ears, with canals narrowed from the regular inflammation.

Veterinary Diagnosis

Your veterinarian determines a diagnosis of a fungal ear infection by examining infected ear tissue in potassium hydroxide under a microscope or by an ear culture. If he prescribes Conofite, you'll be able to apply the lotion at home.

Things You'll Need

  • Conofite lotion
  • Gauze pads

Step 1

Remove the cap on the Conofite lotion and squeeze a small amount onto a gauze pad.

Step 2

Call your dog to you and have him sit or stand in front of you.

Step 3

Wipe the gauze on the fungal infection on your dog's ear or ears to apply the Conofite in a thin layer.


  • If your dog has long hair around the fungal infection in his ear, your vet may clip the hair to allow the medication to reach the infection.

    Conofite lotion is usually applied once daily for between 2 and 4 weeks until the fungal infection is healed.

Followup Vet Visit

Your veterinarian will likely schedule your pet for a followup visit after the initial treatment phase. He will examine your dog's ear or ears to discern whether the infection is clear. If it is not, he may ask you to continue treatment with Conofite lotion for a few more weeks, up to six weeks.

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