How to Leave a Good Sales Voicemail


Effective voice mail messages are an important part of the sales process, especially during cold calling. Cold calling means telephoning potential new customers at random to sell a product or service. Some sales people making cold calls hang up when voice mail starts, creating a missed opportunity. Skilled sales people use voice mail as a sales pitch as they leave messages that are clear, upbeat and informative. Voice mails are best when kept short and limited to a single topic.

  • Compose your sales message before calling the customer. Tailor the message to the specific customer as much as possible. Avoid generic, cookie-cutter voice mails that the customer may consider a random sales pitch.

  • Greet the customer in the voice mail using the full name, such as "Ms. Sharon Hudson" or "Mr. Bill Jones." This establishes respect for the customer and personalizes the message. Use a lively and conversational tone as you begin the message.

  • Get to the point immediately after greeting the customer. Identify yourself and and clearly state your reason for calling. Offer the customer a call to action or an update. A call to action is an opportunity to do something, such as take advantage of a special sale. An update provides specific follow up to an earlier discussion or request.

  • End the voice mail by leaving your contact information. Speak slowly when leaving your telephone number while maintaining an inviting, cheerful tone to the end.

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