How to Capture an Escaped Parakeet

Parakeets can sometimes get the wanderlust. But it usually doesn't last long.
Parakeets can sometimes get the wanderlust. But it usually doesn't last long. (Image: Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

Whether you left the door open on the cage or if the thirst for freedom took hold of your feathered friend it has escaped it's cage. Don't panic, your bird is probably doing enough of that for the both of you, especially if its escaped outside. To ensure your bird's safety and your own peace of mind there are some simple steps you can follow to return your bird to it's home.

Things You'll Need

  • Sheet
  • Birdcage

Indoor Escape

Close all windows in the house. If the bird is staying in one room close the doors to contain it.

Set up the bird's cage and put some of it's favorite food in it. Just securing the area and waiting for your bird to return to its cage is often the best option.

Approach your bird and determine if you can pick it up by hand. Remain calm as you approach it. Do not attempt to grab the bird, parakeets are fragile and easily injured.

Spread a sheet out between your arms and attempt to herd your parakeet towards its cage. If doesn't work, you can gently toss the sheet over the parakeet to capture it. Gently gather up your bird in the sheet. Unwrap the sheet slowly and grasp your bird lightly in your hand. Return it to the cage.

Take your escape artist bird to the veterinarian to have its wings clipped to prevent future problems.

Outdoor Escape

Acquire a recording of a parakeet. Sounds of other parakeets will work to attract your bird back to its cage.

Spread your bird's favorite seed in the bottom of the cage. Your bird most likely will not fly too far from home so place the cage near the exit it escaped from.

Prop open the door of the cage with a small stick and attach a string to it. Trail the string back inside to where you can easily see the cage.

Play the recording of the parakeet and sit and wait. With any luck your escaped bird will be attracted back to the cage.

Pull the string to close the door once the bird has returned to the cage.

Clip your birds wings often to ensure that next time it will be an easier task to capture it,

Tips & Warnings

  • Be gentle handling your bird when you try to catch it.

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