How to Find Runaway Cats

If your cat gets out while the door opens or if it manages to slip out of the yard, it may easily become lost. The sooner a runaway cat is found, the more likely it is to avoid injury and stress. Take action immediately when you realize that your feline companion is missing and start your search. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Northern Virginia states that most lost cats are found very near the home.

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      Search the house thoroughly. Cats are prone to hide in obscure locations, so look behind the appliances and in odd, out of the way corners.

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      Search the neighborhood, paying special attention to the area near where you last saw the cat. Look in window wells, close to the sides of houses and under shrubs.

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      Search both at night and during the day. Cats may be wary of coming out in broad daylight and will be more apt to venture into the open at night.

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      Talk to your neighbors, leaving your contact information and the description of your cat.

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      Put out food and water. This may draw your cat out of hiding if it is nearby.

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      Call your local animal control groups, the humane shelter and the veterinary offices. Leave a description of your cat and ask if there are any other rescue organizations to call.

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      Visit the shelters. Sometimes shelter staff are busy and do not match a new animal to its description.

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      Print out a flier with a picture of your cat and your contact information. Post these fliers throughout the neighborhood.

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