How to Get a Water Stone in "Soul Silver"


In the "Pokemon" series, trainers can use evolution stones to transform certain Pokemon into stronger forms. For example, a Water Stone is a light blue item that evolves Water-type Pokemon. In "Pokemon SoulSilver," players have the opportunity to obtain multiple Water Stones, but they must first complete several tasks.

Bug Catching Contest Prize

  • Travel to Johto's National Park, an area north of Goldenrod City, on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.

  • Enter the Bug Catching Contest.

  • Travel through the Bug Catching Contest areas until you encounter and capture a rare Pokemon, such as Scyther or Pinsir.

  • Win first prize for your chance to receive a Water Stone. The prizes vary, so you may wish to enter the contest more than once.

Pokeathlon Dome Prize

PokeWalker Method

  • Transfer a Pokemon to your PokeWalker.

  • Enter the Beyond the Sea course, which only appears after you use the Global Transfer Station.

  • Walk 5,000 steps to increase your chance of encountering a Staryu.

  • Capture a Staryu and transfer it back to your "Pokemon SoulSilver" cartridge. Staryu might carry a Water Stone.

Sea Cottage Method

  • Travel to Route 25 in Kanto.

  • Enter the sea cottage and talk to Bill's grandfather.

  • Show him a Staryu. He will reward your deed with a Water Stone.

Tips & Warnings

  • You may also discover a Water Stone in Kanto's Seafoam Islands.
  • If a trainer on Route 42 in Johto challenges you to a rematch via a PokeGear phone call, travel to the area and defeat him for an additional Water Stone.
  • After you obtain a Water Stone, you can use to evolve Poliwhirl, Eevee, Shellder, Staryu, Lombre or Panpour.
  • If you don't have any Pokemon that are compatible with a Water Stone, you can sell the stone for a high price at any PokeMart.

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