How to Use Salt to Soften Denim


Stiff denim jeans, jackets and other articles of clothing are both uncomfortable and irritating. Even normal range of motion can become burdensome. You can utilize an old tool capable of softening up those jeans and improve your denim-wearing experience -- table salt. A cup of table salt is enough to loosen up those stubborn denim fibers. Now you can comfortably wear your new pair of blue jeans without chaffing, and your movements will not be hindered.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring cup
  • Table salt
  • Washing machine
  • Add 1 cup of table salt to your washing machine. Use a measuring cup for precise measurement.

  • Set the washing machine to a short washing cycle with warm water. Short cycles utilize minimal water. There's no need to completely fill the washing machine for this project.

  • Add the denim to the washing machine. Do not add any other clothes to the wash and allow the cycle to completely finish.

  • Remove the denim from the wash and place in a clothes dryer at low heat. Remove the denim when the drying cycle completes.

Tips & Warnings

  • Add detergent with the salt if you also want to wash the denim. The salt and detergent have no effect on each other.

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