How to Introduce a Female Puppy to an Adult Male Dog

Your new puppy should be gradually introduced into the family home.
Your new puppy should be gradually introduced into the family home. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

Introducing any new pet into your home is always a nerve-wracking experience as the new pet learns to accept its new family members and adapt to any existing animals in the household. Fortunately, if you are introducing a female puppy to a home with an existing male dog, luck is on your side — male and female dogs are more likely to get along than dogs of the same gender. However, the introduction process is still a key factor to making sure your two furry friends are able to co-exist happily and safely together.

Prepare the home for the introduction by removing all toys, food and any items that might cause tension between the current dog and the new puppy. Dogs have a tendency to be aggressive over their toys, food and other personal items, so it is a good idea to remove these objects from the equation for the introduction.

Introduce the two dogs in a neutral territory that the dog does not feel it owns. To do this, take the dog out on a regular walk as you normally would. Take the dog to a nearby park, or to a neighbor’s house where it does not feel territorial.

Bring the new puppy to the area, as well, and allow the two dogs to greet each other, on the leash. Before the two dogs are allowed to meet, have each of them sit and then allow them to sniff each other.

Allow both dogs to complete their greeting ritual until they exhibit acceptable behavior, such as wanting to play.

Walk both dogs back to the house and allow them to enter the home and explore it with their leashes on. When they appear to be comfortable with each other, remove their leashes and section off the puppy in a particular area.

Allow the puppy and the older dog to socialize over the next couple of weeks with supervised visits. Once the dogs appear to be fully comfortable with each other, they can be left on their own.

Tips & Warnings

  • Never leave a puppy alone with a bigger dog that exhibits signs of aggression -- the larger dog could harm or even kill the new puppy if aggression reaches its peak.

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