How to Calculate School Grades by Percentage


Whether you are anxious about your grades as finals approach, or you are simply curious about your progress throughout your school term, the ability to calculate your school grades by percentage is a useful skill to help keep you on track of your academic goals. You do not need to spend hours computing complex calculations to figure out your grades. Over time, calculating your school grades by percentage will become easy, and you will no longer have to fret about what letters will show up on your report card.

Things You'll Need

  • A list of all the grades you have received in your class so far
  • List all of the grades you have received in each of the categories that your instructor takes into consideration for grades. For example, if your instructor considers homework, tests, quizzes and group project grades, list all of the grades you have received in each of these categories.

  • Calculate your average grade within each of these categories by adding all of the scores together and dividing that sum by the number of scores. For example, if your quiz scores are 85, 76, 92 and 89, your average grade in this category is 85.5, or 86 (85+76+92+89 = 342; 342/4 = 85.5).

  • Determine the amount each category is worth in calculating your overall grade. At some point in the term your instructor has probably told you this information. Usually, it also can be found on your course’s syllabus. You might see a breakdown like the following:

    Homework – 25 percent
    Tests – 50 percent
    Quizzes – 15 percent
    Group projects – 10 percent

    Multiply the percentage assigned to each category by your average grade in that category. For example, if your average grade in quizzes is 86, multiply 86 by 15 percent (86 X 15 = 12.9).

  • Add together all of the results from each category. The total sum is your grade calculated by percentage. For example, look at the following results:

    Homework – 22.5
    Tests – 40
    Quizzes – 12.9
    Group projects – 9.2

    Add these results together (22.5+40+12.9+9.2 = 84.6). The sum is 84.6, or 85, which is a B.

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