How to Restrict Numbers From a Phone

If you receive nuisance phone calls throughout the day, you may want to consider getting call blocking. This blocks the person or company you don't want calling you from doing so. The phone number will show up as "Private" or "Restricted" on your phone's caller identification display. The call will also automatically go to your voicemail. To restrict all or certain phone numbers, you need to contact your telephone company.


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      Contact your telephone company. Ask the representative if you can have a line block. The representative will ask you a list of questions to set it up on your account.

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      Order per-line call blocking. This is ideal if you want to block only certain numbers. The fee will vary by state and your telephone provider.

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      Dial star (*) 67 before you dial a number. Enter the rest of the telephone number. This restricts the number from calling you.

Tips & Warnings

  • Test a number to see if call blocking works on your phone.
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