How to Remove Temporary Tattoos on Faces


Temporary tattoos usually fall within two categories: hand-painted or pre-manufactured water-soluble or non-water-soluble tattoos. The tattoos come in wide variety of sizes and designs with some as small as a dot and others that cover the entire face. You can also get temporary tattoos decorated with glitter or rhinestones. Although a lot of variation exists, and the skin on the face is delicate, typically the method used to remove a temporary tattoo on the face simply depends on the category it falls in as you can remove water-soluble tattoos with less effort than non-water-soluble ones.

Things You'll Need

  • Facial soap or cleanser
  • Cloths
  • Clear office desk tape dispenser-style tape
  • Olive oil
  • Cold cream (optional)
  • 70-percent solution rubbing alcohol (optional)
  • Cotton balls (optional)

Water-Soluble Temporary Tattoos

Lather facial soap or cleanser in your hands or on a damp cloth.

Rub the soap or cleanser into the tattoo, and then scrub the area gently with a damp cloth until the tattoo rubs away completely.

Rinse the area with fresh water or another damp cloth, and then pat it dry.

Non-Water Soluble Temporary Tattoos

Pull a piece of clear tape from your tape dispenser. Affix it to part of or all of the tattoo, and then rub a fingernail gently against the entire tape surface.

Place your fingertips next to the tattooed area on the face and gently stretch the skin. Grasp the corner of the tape and pull it from the skin to pull away the tattoo.

Repeat this process until you’ve removed all, or as much of, the tape as possible. If you manage to remove all of the tattoo, wash the area with a facial soap or cleanser and a cloth, rinse with fresh water or a damp cloth and then pat the area dry.

Apply olive oil or cold cream to the area, and wait a minute if the tape didn’t remove all of the tattoo. Dampen another cloth and gently rub at the surface until you’ve removed the remaining tattoo, then clean the area with soap and water. If the oil or cream doesn't work entirely, dampen a cloth or cotton ball with 70-percent solution rubbing alcohol, blot any areas that remain until the tattoo is completely gone and then clean the skin.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your temporary tattoo isn't pre-manufactured and has glitter, rhinestones or other non-paint or pigment decorations on it, rub the glitter gently from the surface or peel away any decorations before removing the background of the tattoo.
  • If the skin looks dry after removing the tattoo, apply lotion to the area.
  • Never use abrasives such as a natural sponge or toothbrush to wear away the tattoo or rub the skin too harshly.

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