How to Draw Birthday Stuff


Knowing how to draw cupcakes, party hats, bows or balloons can be entertaining and useful if you want to make your own party invitations, decorate a cake or simply doodle in your sketchbook. Use a pencil and paper to sketch some of your favorite birthday images and use those drawings as the basis for your party decor. Many of the shapes can be simplified and can be modified with minimal shading and highlights.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Protractor

Birthday Hat

  • Draw a vertical line approximately 2 inches long.

  • Create a 30° angle with your protractor. At the angle mark, draw another 2-inch line.

  • Connect the two lines at the bottom with a line that curves up slightly, like a small hill. This is the bottom of the hat.

  • Draw a half circle, in the shape of a smile, from the left bottom corner of the hat to the right bottom corner. This is the string that secures the hat under the chin.

  • Draw three or more squiggly lines of 1/4 inch each coming our from the tip of the hat. These are tassels.


  • Draw a circle or an oval with a 2-inch diameter.

  • Draw a triangle with a base of no more than 1/4 inch at the bottom of the circle so that the tip touches the circle. This forms the bottom of the balloon.

  • Draw a vertical line of 3-4 inches down from the base of the triangle that curves like a moving snake. This is the balloon string.

  • Draw a small tear-shaped highlight that measures about 1/8 inch to make the balloon appear shiny.


  • Draw an arch or a frown-shaped line that is approximately two inches long.

  • Connect the two endpoints of the arch with a scalloped line, as if you are drawing waves. This will mimic the frosting on the sides of the cupcake.

  • Draw a vertical line of 1 and 1/2 inches descending from each side of the frosted cupcake top.

  • Connect the vertical lines with another line that curves very slightly downward, like a smile. This is the bottom of the cupcake.

  • Draw closely spaced, vertical lines beginning at the left side of the cupcake bottom and ending on the right side. This will give the cupcake wrapper the appearance of texture.

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