How to Calculate a Win Loss Average


Knowing your win-loss average can be important whether you are a coach, a teacher or a gambler. Your win-loss average is essentially a numerical representation of quantified outcomes. This number is used to not only rank teams and individuals but, when correlated with other variables, to identify strengths and weaknesses to help improve performance. Calculating a win-loss average is a simple matter of comparing the number of successful attempts to the overall number of attempts. Win-loss averages are ratios expressed in decimal form, typically carried out to three places to the right of the decimal point.

  • Add to find the sum of the number of attempts. In sports, this would be the number of games played.

  • Divide the number of successful attempts by the total number of attempts. Compute and express the quotient to three places past the decimal point. For example, eight attempts with one successful attempt would be expressed as a win-loss ratio of 0.125. This number is calculated by dividing 1 (successful attempt) by 8 (total attempts).

  • Designate a tie as one-half of a successful attempt, since it is neither a win nor a loss. For example, out of 10 games played, you won six, lost three and tied one. Your number of wins would be 6.5. To find your win-loss average, divide 6.5 by 10. Carry the quotient out to three places to the right of the decimal point. Express your win-loss average as 0.650.


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