How to Call a Function in VBA


Visual Basic for Applications is Microsoft’s event-driven programming language, which is associated with Visual Basic 6 and its Integrated Development Environment. VBA is widely used by many of Microsoft’s products and platforms, including Microsoft Office, specifically, Word and the Excel spreadsheet and data management program. The VBA language makes heavy use of functions, which are blocks of programming code and commands within VBA. To call a function in VBA, you must first configure the Office application to dislay the Developer tab.

  • Open Microsoft Word or Excel. Select File followed by Customize Ribbon. Click to enable the Developer check box in the Main Tabs section, and then click OK.

  • Click the Developers tab in the menu ribbon. Select Tools, Macro and click Visual Basic. You are now in the Visual Basic programming environment.

  • Go to the top menu bar and click Insert followed by Module.

  • Write the following code in the code Module:

    Function mymessagebox()

         MsgBox "Here is an example of how to call a function"

    End Function

  • Go to the top menu bar and click Insert, and then select UserForm.

  • Double-click the Userform and type the name of the function: mymessagebox. In the forms default click Event. The programming code should look like this:

    Private Sub UserForm_Click()

      call  mymessagebox

    End Sub

  • Press F5 on your keyboard to run the program. This will run the program and display a form dialog Window.

  • Click the Userform dialog Window. You should see a message box pop up in-front of the Userform Window with the words "Here is an example of how to call a function."

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