How to Convert a Letter Grade to a Percentage


In order to convert a letter grade to a percentage grade, you must first have a firm grasp of the grading scale that is being used in the particular class. Some teachers, courses, departments and schools use only straight letter grades A through F (skipping E, of course), while others use pluses and minuses for more precision. For the purposes of this "how to," we will assume the presence of minuses and pluses.

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Converting a Letter Grade to a Percentage Grade

  • Memorize or refer to a written copy of the operative grading scale. A study out of Fairfax, Virginia determined that 33 of the top 45 high schools in the U.S. use the 10-point scale. This scale is often referred to as the "10 point scale" because each letter grade includes a ten point range within it.That scale is represented below is a version of the 10 point scale and will be used for the examples that follow.

             A+ = 98-100%

    A = 93-97%

    A- = 90-92%

    B+ = 88-89%

    B = 83-87%

    B- = 80-82%

    C+ = 78-79%

    C = 73-77%

    C- = 70-72%

    D+ = 68-69%

    D = 63-67%

    D- = 60-62%

    F = 59% and below

  • Take the first test or paper you have already graded with a letter grade. Locate the specific letter grade you have given the test or paper 1 on the grading scale you are using. For instance, if this first exam or paper has been awarded an "A-", find the "A-" line on the grading scale. There are three numbers to which you could conceivably convert that single A- grade: 90%, 91% or 92%.

  • Determine how strong an A- that particular test or paper is. The conversion admittedly becomes a bit subjective here. You must decide whether that first test or paper is closer to a B+ or to an A. If your determination is that it is closer to an A, a 92% makes the most sense. If it seems closer to a B+, then a 90% is more appropriate. If neither the 90% nor the 92% fits, the 91% provides the middle option.


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