How Do You Beat Astro-Knights Island in "Poptropica"?


Astro-Knights Island is one of the islands on "Poptropica," an online gaming community for children. On Astro-Knights Island, the princess has been captured and your character must build an intergalactic spaceship to rescue her and save the kingdom of Arturus. Astro-Knights Island is one of the longest adventures in the game.

Around Arturus

  • Grab the coin from the fountain after you arrive in Arturus. The fountain is shaped like a spaceship. The coin will be glimmering in the water near the base of the statue.

  • Go to the House of Mordred. Talk to the man inside the building. Give him the coin you found in the fountain. He will grant you admission into the library. Click on one of the books. The librarian will give you a library slip in exchange for not touching the books.

  • Exit the House of Mordred and go to Castle Arturus. Go through the large wooden double doors to the right of the castle. Enter the small wooden door to the right of the walkway. You need to pick up two books from the castle library: "Mystical Weapons of Arturus" and "The Life of Mordred - A Cautionary Tale". Click the brick behind the shelf labeled "McM" to reveal a hidden staircase.

  • Go down the stairs to the underground room. Take the moldy cheese on the plate. Click the wooden handle on the far side of the wall. Click the robot. He will speak in binary, which translates to "bard." Go back up the stairs.

  • Exit the library and return to the main part of the castle. Enter the staircase to the left. Use the moldy cheese to capture the robot mouse. Take the letter from the chest near the bed. Leave the room and take the stairs to the very top. Ask the Queen for more information on the kidnapping of her daughter. She will give you the coordinates: X-73 Y-83, X-15 Y-15, and X-83 Y-20. Exit the castle and go to "Ye Olde Rumor Mille."

Ye Olde Rumor Mille and Princess's Tower

  • Talk to the man at the entrance to receive a bag of manure. Go inside the Rumor Mille and climb to the top platform by jumping on hay bales. Pull on the string attached to the gears. Slide down the rope. A girl will trade you the letter for the new password for the Secret Order.

  • Leave the Rumor Mille. Jump on the broken wheel next to the Mill to reach the rope. Jump on top of the Rumor Mille sign and onto one of the windmill blades to get it spinning. Continue jumping until the glass ball on the roof is completely open.

  • Go inside the glass bubble. Use the bag of manure to power the hovercraft inside. Leave the hovercraft for now and return to the castle.

  • Stand in front of the large oak door outside of the castle. Jump onto the windowsill and then the platform holding a bow an arrow. Use your coiled rope to attach to the arrow. Shoot the arrow at a 45-degree angle to the left. Walk across the rope to enter the tower door.

  • Take the brown paper out of the chest. Leave the tower and return to the fountain.

Secret Hideout

  • Click the plaque with the space symbols in the following order: crescent moon, planet with rings, five-pointed star and sun. Enter the secret room and talk to the boy with pimples to get the key.

  • Go back to Mordred's Museum. Go to the top floor and click under the bed. You will receive a piece of Mordred's journal. Push the two bales of hay as far to the right as possible. Jump and fall down. Push the leftmost bale of hay to the left. It will reveal a trap door. Open the door with your key.

  • Walk up the mechanical owl. Follow it outside. Release your mechanical mouse and the owl will eat it, effectively becoming your companion. Go back in the trap door and pick up the book on the chair. Push against the left wall until it crumbles. Enter the small hole to find the robot, who will self-destruct. Click the owl to reach the fuel rod it leaves behind.

  • Go back to the hovercraft. Head to the right until you find the spacecraft, Excalibur. Replace the fuel rod and enter the following coordinates: 56-52. The coordinates will take you to Pewter Moon. Talk to the man in the Astrozone Building.

  • Go to the Holopad. Design your own spacecraft. Go to the Jungle Planet, Fire Planet and Ice Planet. The coordinates for the planets are 15-15, 83-20 and 73-83, respectively. You will have to defeat the Knights there through different mini-games. After you defeat the Knights, they will join you in your mission.

The Crystal Gate and Final Battle

  • Go to the crystal mountain located on The Crystal Gate. Pull the sword out of the stone to enter a vortex.

  • Go to the bottom of the Binary Bard's castle to talk to the princess. Give her the three weapons. She will turn into the Binary Bard and disappear. Solve the puzzle on the nearby wall.

  • Battle King Mordred. In the first stage, you will battle him as the robot owl. Pick up the black bombs Mordred drops, releasing them over his head when they begin to blink. In the second part, jump to the chandelier and position yourself over Mordred. The key is to get Mordred to fire at the chandelier, causing it to crash down on him. The battle will end, and you will have rescued the princess.

Tips & Warnings

  • For defeating King Mordred, you will receive the Astro-Knights medal as proof of your heroic deeds.

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