How to Make a PVC Quick Swing


PVC quick swings can allow a batter to practice on their own without the need of a pitcher. The ball is dropped in one end of the quick pitch and rolls through the system until it falls out the other end at the appropriate height for the batter to hit the ball. The distance the ball travels will allow the batter enough time to get into position before the ball drops. The entire system can be built in one hour.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Miter box or PVC pipe cutters
  • 2-inch PVC pipe
  • 3-inch PVC pipe
  • 4-inch PVC pipe
  • 4 Tee fittings
  • 5 elbow fittings
  • 3 45-degree angle fittings
  • 3-inch to 2-inch reducing coupler
  • Four 2-inch caps
  • Drill
  • 5-inch bolt
  • Cut two 2-inch PVC pipes to measure 6 inches long. Attach a tee fitting to both ends of one pipe. Insert the second pipe into one of the tee fittings. Attach another tee fitting on the open end of the second pipe. One long pipe should now be created. Turn the tee fitting in the center to face up and the two on the ends to face down.

  • Cut four 2-inch PVC pipes to measure 6 inches. Attach an elbow fitting to one end of each pipe. Attach the other end to the opening ports on the tee fittings facing down. Turn the elbow fittings the same direction.

  • Cut five 2-inch PVC pipes to measure 3 inches. Attach a cap over one end of four of the pipes. Insert the other end into each of the remaining open ends. Four should be placed on the elbow fittings, the one with out a cap should be inserted into the tee fitting on the top. This will create an "I" shaped figure that will stand on its own.

  • Cut a 3-inch PVC pipe to measure 4 feet long. Run a tape measure down the length of the pipe and mark a spot every 3 inches along the first 2 feet of the pipe. Drill a hole through each mark through both sides of the pipe walls. These holes will be used to adjust the height of the quick swing.

  • Cut a 4-inch PVC pipe to measure 4 feet long. Drill a hole through the both walls of the pipe at the center.

  • Attach a 3-inch to 2-inch reducing coupling to the end of the 4-foot pipe with the holes. Slide the 2-inch side over the 3-inch pipe protruding from the tee fitting on the top. Slide the 4-inch pipe over the 3-inch pipe.

  • Lift the 4-inch pipe to align the holes with the holes in the 3-inch pipe. Insert a 5-inch bolt through all four holes until it protrudes from the side of the structure. The higher the 4-inch pipe is lifted, the higher the quick swing will be. This can be adjusted later if needed.

  • Attach a tee fitting to the end of the 4-inch pipe.

  • Cut two 4-inch pipes to measure 3 inches. Insert one into to each end of the tee fitting. Attach a 45-degree angle fitting to both exposed ends. Turn one fitting toward the ground, and turn the other up.

  • Cut a 4-inch PVC pipe to measure 3 inches long. Insert this into the 45-degree angle fitting facing down. Attach another 45-degree angle to the end of the 3 inch long pipe.

  • Cut two 4-inch pipes to measure 12 inches long. Attach an elbow fitting into the end of one 12-inch pipe, insert the other end into the 45-degree angle fitting facing up. Insert the second 12-inch pipe into the elbow from the pipe before.

  • Drop a baseball into the 12-inch pipe at the top of the structure. The batter should quickly jump into the batting position before the ball drops out the other end.

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