How to Increase Hits With Sheer Cold

There are many moves in "Pokemon" -- with more than 400 Pokemon, learning the properties of every move can be difficult. Sheer Cold, a move introduced with the Generation III Pokemon games such as Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, is a move that will instantly defeat your opponent's Pokemon if it hits. However, Sheer Cold has a 30 percent chance of successfully hitting your opponent. You can raise the hit percentage by keeping a few tips in mind.


    • 1

      Gain levels with the Pokemon that is using Sheer Cold, up to the maximum of 100. For each difference in level between you and your opponent's Pokemon, Sheer Cold gains another 1 percent chance to hit. For example, if your Pokemon were Level 80, and your opponent's Pokemon were Level 70, Sheer Cold gains a 40 percent chance to be successful rather than 30 percent.

    • 2

      Do not use the move on a Pokemon whose level is higher than yours. Sheer Cold is never effective when the opponent's Pokemon is a higher level.

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      Do not use accuracy boosting items, such as X Accuracy, as Sheer Cold is not affected by them.

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