How to Install a Universal Toilet Tank Lever


We all take for granted that, when we depress the toilet flush handle, the toilet is going to flush, just as it always does. The handle is connected to a lever in the interior of the toilet tank. A chain connects the lever to the flapper on the bottom of the tank. A broken toilet tank lever will cause a no-flush situation, but you can remedy this situation in just a few minutes with a replacement universal toilet tank lever and basic tools.

Things You'll Need

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Twist the handle on the toilet water supply valve in a clockwise direction to shut off the water supply to the toilet tank.

  • Remove the cover from the top of the tank and place it out of the way where it will not get broken.

  • Flush the toilet to empty the toilet tank --- by hand if you have to --- by pulling up on the chain connected to the flapper at the bottom of the tank.

  • Unhook the hook on the end of the chain from the hole at the end of the flush lever.

  • Loosen the plastic retaining nut on the inside of the tank just opposite the flush handle, using an adjustable wrench. Finish loosening the nut by hand and remove it by sliding it off the end of the lever.

  • Work the handle and lever assembly out of the mounting hole in the tank from the outside. Remove any broken pieces of the lever from inside the toilet tank.

  • Insert the end of the replacement lever into the mounting hole in the toilet tank. Push the lever through the hole until you come to the bend in the lever next to the flush handle. Rotate the assembly 90 degrees so the flush handle is in the correct position on the outside of the tank.

  • Place a plastic washer and nut --- both included with the lever and handle assembly --- over the end of the lever in the tank. Push both pieces up to the threads on the assembly, and tighten the nut by hand. Do not over-tighten the nut, or you could break the plastic pieces.

  • Place the hook in the flush chain back in the hole in the end of the lever. Replace the toilet tank cover and turn the water supply back on.

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