How to Convert Microcoulombs to Coulombs


Coulombs and microcoulombs are metric measurements of electric charge, named after the French physicist Charles-Augustin de Coulomb. You can quickly convert a charge from microcoulombs to coulombs using a simple mathematical equation.

Microcoulombs and Coulombs

  • One coulomb, 1C, is equal to 1 million microcoulombs, 1,000,000μC -- so a single microcoulomb, 1μC, is one-millionth of a coulomb, or 0.000001C. This relationship is also shown by the following equations:

    1C = 1,000,000μC
    1μC = 0.000001C

    For example, suppose you want to convert a measurement of 2,500 microcoulombs into coulombs. Since one microcoulomb equals one-millionth of a coulomb, to get the number of coulombs equal to 2,500 microcoulombs, multiply one-millionth of a coulomb by 2,500. This can also be shown by the following calculation:

    1μC = 0.000001C
    1μC x 2,500 = 0.000001C x 2,500
    2,500μC = 0.0025C

    So 2,500 microcoulombs are equal to 0.0025 coulomb, or 2,500-millionths of a coulomb.


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