How to Use a Balisong Knife


The Balisong, otherwise known as a butterfly knife, was first invented in the Batangas region in the Philippines. The handles of the knife fold around the blade to conceal it. It gets the name "butterfly" because the handles resemble a butterfly's wings as they open or close. In a combat situation, the Balisong can intimidate an opponent with the dramatic manner in which it is deployed. It can also be quickly closed with a flip of the wrist and concealed from view.

  • Hold the handles of the knife in one hand. To open or close it, release the handle closest your body and flick your wrist. Catch the handle when it flips over. Once you have both handles back in the same hand, it will be open or closed, according to what you were attempting to do.

  • Combat can also be entered without ever opening the Balisong. A closed butterfly knife is equally effective as a blunt weapon. It is ideal for situations where you do not wish to use deadly harm, but need to protect yourself.

  • Thrust with the open Balisong. This knife is not intended to use in a chopping or sawing motion. This is because it is not heavy enough to be effective in that role. Since the knife does not typically have serrated edges, thrusting is the most effective means of fighting with it.

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