How to Professionally Finish a Belly Cast

Making a plaster cast of your pregnant belly gives you the chance to cherish the moments of your pregnancy and provide you and your baby with a casting that lasts a lifetime. The belly cast is made from plaster strips which can set and dry in as little as just a few minutes. Many casting kits are available through pregnancy and baby retailers with everything you need for the belly cast. A finished belly cast needs sanding, smoothing, decorating and priming in order to hang or put on display.

Things You'll Need

  • Belly casting kit
  • Sanding screen
  • Acrylic priming paint
  • Spray varnish
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Ink


    • 1

      Make a smooth surface on the belly cast during the casting process by dipping your fingers in water after applying several layers of casting strips, then rubbing your fingers over the layers.

    • 2

      Sand the belly cast gently with a sanding screen once the cast is completely dry.

    • 3

      Paint one or two coats of acrylic priming paint to the front of the belly cast to create a smooth surface.

    • 4

      Trim the edges of the finished belly cast with sharp scissors for clean and smooth edges.

    • 5

      Apply strips of plaster to the inside of the cast in thin areas to reinforce stability.

    • 6

      Decorate the finished belly cast with paint, ink or decoupage. Paint any design you choose on the belly cast or have your friends and loved ones sign the cast using paint pens or ink pens. Decoupage photographs from your pregnancy such as ultrasound and belly photos.

    • 7

      Apply a coat or two of spray varnish or lacquer for a shiny finish.

Tips & Warnings

  • Add extra plaster strips to your breasts, arms or legs for a larger belly cast.
  • Cut out the belly part of the cast to create a decorative bowl for the nursery.
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