How to Care for Bergenias


Bergenia plants have large, deep green leaves and tall flower stalks. The plants produce full clusters of flowers atop the stalks in colors including white, pink and red. The evergreen foliage fades to a reddish color in winter in colder climates and remains green through winter in warm climates. The plants thrive in shade gardens and provide color to these otherwise dim areas of the landscape. Bergenia requires only minimal care once established and provides a dependable, easy to care for addition to most gardens.

Things You'll Need

  • Mulch
  • Shears
  • Fertilizer
  • Water bergenia once weekly in summer and fall. Irrigate the plants in winter and spring only when the ground isn't frozen and when the soil begins to feel dry.

  • Apply a 2 inch layer mulch around plants but don't cover the crown of the plants with the mulch. Mulch prevents weeds and helps insulate the soil so it remains moist.

  • Cut off the flower stalks when the blossoms fade and begin to drop off. Remove the stalks at the base where they emerge from the plant.

  • Trim the foliage in spring when new growth begins. Cut off any dead or yellowed leaves, but do not remove any healthy green or red foliage.

  • Fertilize bergenia with a slow-release balanced fertilizer each spring once new growth begins. Apply the fertilizer at the rate recommended on the package for your garden size.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the center of the plants die out, it's time to divide bergenia. Dig up the rhizomes and separate them before replanting.
  • Overly wet soils cause the root rhizomes to rot. Avoid planting in soggy beds or areas where water puddles form after rain or irrigation.

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